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Dominique Blain-Displacements
Dominique Blain-Displacements
Dominique Blain-Displacements-69
Dominique Blain-Displacements-89
Dominique Blain-Displacements-18
Dominique Blain-Displacements-16
Dominique Blain-Displacements-32
Dominique Blain-Displacements-44
Dominique Blain-Displacements-80
Dominique Blain-Displacements-84

Canadian cultural center in Paris, France

Displacements, 2019

In partnership with the Semaine des cultures étrangères 2019

Curators: Ami Barak and Catherine Bédard


In view of major political crises, wars, repression of freedom, vandalism and natural disasters, what do works of art represent for us? And what are we prepared to do to protect a masterpiece?

The exhibition brings together a series of archival photographs of the history of France reworked by the artist around a monumental sculpture in the form of a crate for transporting artworks the size of a precious and invisible masterpiece.

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